TINYpulse Engage: dashboard

TINYpulse Engage, the company’s flagship product, measures employee engagement and happiness through a weekly, one-question survey. Currently, there is no existing dashboard view that gives an overview of all results and suggested actions for the admin.

What are the customer pain points?

  • It is difficult to drill down and requires a lot of time on data analysis and scanning through comments, which can take up to 300 every week.
  • Returning managers can not see impact after changes.
  • Current views do not scale to larger customers

Why are we doing it?

The goal is to create a real-time dashboard that helps administrators view results and take action on employee responses. 

This overview shows the top three things that an admin needs to know (apart from the current week survey results, which are a default view in the current system.) 1. Top responses 2. Team comparison and 3. Cheers feed. 


TINYpulse Engage in action



The Engage dashboard was launched as part of the product redesign, that resulted in an NPS 59, which is a world-class customer satisfaction level.